Friday, September 30, 2011

The Deceptive Tart

I feel like I have been out of action for a while. It hasn’t been long since my last post and it’s not like I haven’t cooked anything in the last few days. But, the rut of daily routine, a lot of work and other mental preoccupations have slowly set in this inertia, which has prevented me from blogging. This was one of those days- crammed with dilemma, which of course reflected in my cooking. But then again, after a day like this, what I really needed is to switch off momentarily and treat myself to a stint in the kitchen. In fact I think the dish is representative of my psychological state of affairs.
Since dinner was prepared already, I decided to strike the sweet tooth. On the day preceding the navratras (life and the kitchen being devoid of any ills- alcohol, eggs and all forms of meat for 7 complete days), clearly, I wasn’t going to bake anything with eggs. Simultaneously, the recurring telecast of Nigella’s grasshopper’s pie was still playing in my mind. My indecisiveness soon disappeared. Ak said, that this was the day of taking a crack at something new, so why not this too! And voila’, did I need any more inspiration? I didn’t think so.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Of cupcakes and muffins

One should never plan. And I cannot resist planning.
My mom always says- don’t plan. Even for the next morning. Because the moment you do, it is surely not bound to happen.
So, when I gleefully planned to bake with my newly found, pretty cupcake cases last Sunday, I should have very well guessed that ‘It was not going to happen.’ Sunday was overtaken by the quickie, Monday just happened to be a typical Monday, and then the no energy Tuesday and Wednesday, and by Thursday evening- I was seeing muffins on my office computer screen and thinking about my cupcake wrappers in the middle of reviews. Was it possible that I did not have a spare 20 minutes to bake a quick round of muffins? Had my life really come to this? By the time I reached home from work- I had declared that this was the day, when my plan to bake just had to work! (with or without the photography)

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Quickie

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I take life and things around me for granted; my work, people around me, people I really care about, and of course, my cooking. My next planned post after a very efficient Sunday was to be with my pretty pretty, newly found cupcake cases (I had been desperately looking to find nice-looking, good quality and inexpensive cupcake wrappers all over!). However, this was not to be.
George Kneller said, ‘To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.’
               So, on Ak’s insistence for the quickie ( and I mean the post of course), and because of the beautiful photographs that he took despite my hesitancy to document this, here I am, writing about a very average, very tired and no time, hardly any ingredients available- Sunday dinner.  This was a meal literally, made out of nothing in the fridge. The menu was decided on the basis of 2 key ingredients that were available and then the rest just happened. Each of the recipes, as a matter of fact, has one or two elements missing and hence, has been replaced with something similar and on occasion, even contradictory. Hence, for the convenience of anyone who may want to try any one of the recipes, I have posted the originals.
Disclaimer: If one must try this, it is only at one’s own risk.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Erstwhile Chocolaty Mousse

Now I know that cooking and writing and photographing ain’t that easy and documenting it often enough is even tougher. The K’s and the latest addition to the K family were invited for dinner over the weekend; this was my first hosted meal post-marriage for family and enough food had to be cooked! (A special request was for keema lasagna, which was duly missed for the last year- however, as much as it ‘supposedly’ turned out great, I will save it for another post). The K’s are good eaters; and I mean ‘good Punjabi eaters’J. Food therefore had to be paramount - well technically- my best at least. Therefore, in order to ease my day on Saturday (which already had a million things planned), I decided to organize the dessert on Friday night itself. Through this process, I also figured, that I would only use one of the items on the menu for a post this time.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Actually Communicating and Cooking!

So, today’s post is sooner than otherwise planned- actually it was completely unscheduled. Had a very efficient workday, with dedicated communication work, only to end with a na├»ve round of cooking. Considering it was a long working day, with more to continue later, I thought of keeping dinner rather simple; and just as I was about to begin, Ak decided that it was worth writing about. Out came the camera- and I figured that my artless, vague menu was up for some excitement .

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