Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Salad Open Sandwiches

Today is Good Friday.
Yes, I am well aware of the goodness of all Fridays, but today really is ‘The Good Friday’, just before Easter Sunday. Last year, On Easter Sunday, we were at the Vatican; that is really one of the rare moments in my life. Ahh- I miss the travels already. With so much activity buzzing around Easter, all the Easter egg preparations, the egg hunt and other activities globally, I have been feeling morally inclined to contribute my bit to the festivities. Having studied in a Christian school throughout, I feel quite connected and aware of the rituals, and rather enjoy them actually. On the contrary, I quite miss the real Christmas buzz- beyond the party season that runs through Delhi. I looked around a bit for some egg colouring, in order to try some devilled easter eggs, but my hunt started late.
                Having had limited options at hand, I decided to wake up early (rather just in good time!) on Friday morning and make some interesting eggy breakfast instead, in order to celebrate Easter. I am not much of an egg person, and from what I have understood, neither is Ak. Although it is quite ironic, that the first thing that I ever cooked @261 for Ak, was of course, an egg for Breakfast. For me, an egg is good for any other meal, except breakfast; Baked eggs, Scrambled (Indian, The traditional English style, Mexican…), etc. I am happy to have eggs for dinner. In the last year or so, with various minor health concerns, in order to be healthy and improve my food habits, I am going to allow Mr Egg to come into my life, more often. Coming back to the post, to celebrate Easter Style, I made Egg Salad Open Sandwiches. I had read this post by David Lebovitz a couple of months ago, and there was something so classic about this simple post- that it had been playing in my mind. I was travelling then, and didn’t get an opportunity, and it was only now, that I finally had eggs to play with, I decided to give this a shot. What I love about David’s cooking is the simplicity and perfect blend of flavours. Am an ardent fan, and the perfect-ness of this recipe, has only made it better from here on.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake

This is what baking, what all of this book, is about: feeling good, wafting along in the warm, sweet smelling air, unwinding, no longer being entirely an office creature; and that’s exactly what I mean by ‘comfort cooking’. Nigella Lawson

It was as if the book was calling out to me. It was as if it was my life, or then again, maybe I am just one of the many millions who feel this way about baking. The waft of vanilla, the folding in of the batters, the layering of the cakes- nothing but True Bliss. 
CommuniCooking has resumed with some real cooking- or should I say comfort cooking.
This post is long due-it is the inaugural post of one of the 1 year gifts, in continuation to the earlier ones here;
This will probably be one of the most treasured gifts-ever and hopefully, will embark me on a journey towards being marginally domestic, if not the goddess herself. From the book, Nigella Lawson’s; “How to be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the art of Comfort Cooking”, here comes this really special post, and with a bit of luck, a lot more culinary pleasure in the days to come.
                 Additionally, this post is special, as it is the 25th Post on this blog. It may not seem special to many, but really to achieve this landmark on my very own blog- I am amazed at myself. Despite the numerous occasions, when I have thought I will not come back to the blog, and the many times, when in a tearing rush, I forget that I was supposed to photograph what I had just cooked- this blog has reached 25 posts. And that is reason enough to celebrate. Further, with over 3200 views, I am a happy child. I guess, there are people who are reading this- I may not have engaged with many- but statistics are proof of an audience for my lil’ blog.
                I have spent a lot of time contemplating, and wondering what should the first recipe from this book be? I have spent months thinking, going through it again and again- the fact is that I wanted the first recipe to be something - perfect for Ak. It’s a tough one. I realised, that I had actually spent weeks and months, just thinking- Why wasn’t I able to crack it?!First it was the weddings, then travel, then navratras- my excuses had to stop; I had almost started to feel guilty. My initial choice was kept aside (it involves some days of preparation- but it will be here soon!), and I decided to settle in for a classic- The Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake. According to Ak, Nothing beats a Brown, unadulterated chocolate cake. The chocolate chapter in Nigella’s book also begins with this cake- she thinks this cake is the essence of all that is desirable in chocolate.
The results were true to the words. This cake really is the essence of a chocolate cake; simple, classic and a chocolate lover’s delight. I think it could be less sugary and more chocolaty though; however it is The perfect cake for any celebration :) With a little more practice- I may get it just right.

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