Monday, March 4, 2013

The Perfect Chocolate Cake

My search for the perfect dense chocolate cake that can be used for layers has been on forever.
Ive spent the last year or so, attempting many a cakes, from various books and blogs and websites..but have not managed to find that perfect, quick and simple recipe that can be used for a simple cake, which could be dressed up in layers for a fancy occasion cake. Most often, the cake does not rise enough- and no, I don’t have 2 identical pans yet to bake them separately. I follow the traditional technique of slicing up the cake. After this recipe though, I will definitely buy 2 identical pans; the cake was so soft and moist and most importantly- well-risen, that I have decided to have some fun with layered cakes for all occasions this year. People around me should be glad- they may be treated to cakes, maybe often enough.
Anyhow, coming back to this cake, It was my little brother’s birthday –the other Ak in my life (well- not so little actually), who is far away, across the seas, studying hard to become one of the fancy management men, who will hopefully teach me a thing or two about managing a business.  At the moment, it is the husband Ak, who’s constantly teaching me more than just two things. Since the brother and me have been in different cities for the last many birthdays and I have been wanting to bake a cake for my dad for a while as well, I decided to bake a special chocolate cake- celebrating the chocolate lover’s birthday. Often, when I cook, I think of the brother and how much he would have enjoyed it, and then message him a picture. This time, though, I decided to find the perfect recipe, just for him. We all got together, celebrated with nice Punjabi dinner outside, and then came back home- to facetime the cake-cutting ceremony in two different time zones.  

I found the recipe on the Hershey’s website- It’s just BRILLIANT.
For most beginners at baking, I would recommend this website- I don’t think that I have tried anything here that has failed. The recipe was quick, since I didn't have much time before we left for dinner. I dressed up the cake (in the centre and on top) using the traditional frosting that I use- recipe can be found here, and then just garnished with roasted almonds and sprinkles.

The cake took an hour from start to finish- including baking time. Who said baking special birthday cakes was a challenge? Everyone thought the cake was quite pretty- and I already know I am baking it again this week. 
For the recipe, visit the Hersheys Website. (No- they  didn't sponsor this post! I do hope I get a lifetime's supply of cooking chocolate though)
p.s. In the rush, I used 3 eggs instead of 2- Although I am sure, that using 2 would be just fine. Unfortunately, due to the rush, there are no photographs of the process as well. The cake is so simple though- noone would need step-by step photographs.

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