Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spanish Tapas - Guest Post by The other Ak

Today was cook 'n' play day. I finally bought a squash racquet and after playing for an hour, came back home to make this spanish tapas and keema and chicken. Since, i haz already perfected the latter 2 dishes (refer previous mails),this mail is only about the tapas. Here is the latest khana from my khazana i.e. the latest entry in my cooking journal which I call the "Ajay Jadeja Chronicles" coz i refer to it jab mujhe "bhookie" lagti hai.

Smoked salmon (50-70g per person)
2-3 slices of Bread
2 Eggs

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Grilled Sole Fish with vegetables

I am not a Fish person.
Yes, I know it is extremely healthy, rich in many nutrients, and is a leading fad in health cooking- But no, I don’t like fish, its taste, its smell and everything that goes with it. And the irony in my life is – That Ak loves fish. And I know that health wise; I need the fish in my system. Hence, last year, I Had decided to add fish to our intake of food, at least through the winter. I really like an oriental steamed fish recipe, learnt at a Thai cooking class that I used very often, but decided to innovate with the fish this year, in the hope that I will find one that I really love. Also, once I continued to cook with fish over a period of time- I discovered that Sole is a wonderful fish for the not so fishy- people.
Sole Fish, I had discovered last year- is good to cover up for Vitamin D Deficiency. Hence, we had a lot of Steamed Sole last year. I had begun to like the taste, and this year, was looking for some grilled sole recipes. The Italian Cooking Encyclopaedia is really a book I recommend; mostly all recipes tested and adapted from it have ensued wonderful results. Sole is a flat fish, and getting the perfect grilled lemon sole is really an art in fish-cooking. The recipe that I am sharing here is certainly one to try and play around with. It is one that is adapted from a grilled recipe from the book mentioned - but with added flavours and accompaniments that make it a perfect meal, even for those not so fond of fish. Welcome to the world of fish!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pecan and Ricotta Cake

Today, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.
Hannah Bowns
Tis the New year. 2013.
And I will begin with the cliché’ of not knowing how quickly this year flew by. And I will begin with Gratitude for everything- the good and the bad and of course the lessons learnt.
So much Happened, on the work front- I can’t believe, that I am an entrepreneur. I have finally decided to move forward with Epistle- the last year was spent trying, testing, learning, and unlearning; and all of it was done in a shy, obscure manner. One of the challenges for the New Year will be to step out of the concealed world, out into the real one. Another will be to grow, to do more and to innovate. The onus is of course on me, and only me. Although I am not one to procrastinate, I sometimes fear the rut of daily life overtaking the desire to do more.
It’s terrific to hear encouraging words from people around me, both personally and professionally. I am at least convinced at the end of a year, that this was the right thing to do, and not a mistake. I really do have hope for Epistle. I must attribute a lot to Ak of course, and everyone else around me. Sometimes, I guess it is worth not playing it safe after all.
                     Communicooking too had its share of ups and downs- me being in an on and off relationship with it. However, I have almost been consistent. A lot of cooking was done- and some great recipes were discovered. The Blogger’s Table was a good kick- in the right direction. Making me do more, strive for more. To more cooking in 2013.
Also, something a friend shared for New Year- Great thought to begin with.

I decided to bring in the New Year by caking not one, but 2 new cakes. And Yes, I Challenged myself by not opting for what I already knew, and by going in for the unknown. The results were good and bad. I have discovered that cakes don’t always need to rise; and some authentic recipes just mildy rise. The recipe that I will share is adapted one from my current favourite-The Italian Encyclopedia- A Walnut and Ricotta cake which I adapted to be a Pecan and Ricotta Cake. The flavours are complicated and progressive; on begins to like it more, as the piece in the mouth melts. The cake is just perfect for a cold wintery afternoon tea. Best served warm, and fresh. Perfect start to New Beginnings.

p.s. Thanks to Ak for the photography capture through the day. Don’t miss the Pink Highlights.

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